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Bach Flower Remedies handmade to Dr Bach's original instructions

Bach Flower Essences are a natural remedy used for emotional, spiritual and mental balancing. They are a gentle form of what is known as energetic healing (the same category that includes reiki and homeopathy)

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Bach Flower Pets Blog

"I started taking the essences as directed from last weekend and I have felt a profound “shift” in how I respond to events. I’m much calmer, grounded and resolved to deal with challenges both personally and professionally."

Mary, NSW

"This essence and 3 others that I bought have been helping me a lot to feel much better emotionally and with my self. Totally recommended."


“Well it worked. I added drops to my drink bottle and sipped away. Managed to stay calm despite surgeon running an hour behind schedule."

Robyn, VIC

"Within in 3 days of putting a mix of Vine, Gorse and Holly in my cat's food and water, she stopped all the bad behaviour and she actually seems happier!"

Belinda, VIC