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Bach Flower Remedies Pet Consultations Now Available

Are you 'owned' by a pet that has behavioural issues? Are you ready to try a natural approach to helping your pet?

If yes then you've GOT to meet Leanne Wilson, a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner specialising in animal health.

After practising as a qualified Homeopath for eighteen years Leanne went on to complete further studies to increase her expertise in animal health. 

And now... for the really good news

Leanne has now joined the Bach Flowers team and is available for phone consultations!

You can book a phone consultation with Leanne for a time and date that suits you. It's super convenient and easy to do.

During a consultation with Leanne clients are asked key questions to really get to the nitty gritty of what's bothering your pet and why. After the consultation Leanne puts together a treatment plan detailing her observations and the recommended Bach Flower Remedies for your pet - plus each plan comes with a 10% discount voucher for the remedies.

Leanne says "Bach Flowers are an important item in my ‘tool box’, I love how they can calm animals that may be experiencing anxiety and fear, help rescue animals adjust to their new loving home, treat ‘obsessive compulsive’ pets, or alleviate the distress some dogs may experience when left home alone. 

It’s wonderful how Bach Flowers can be tailored to the individual animal, and this is what I’ll endeavour to do through each Bach Flower animal consult." 

I'm so excited and honoured to have Leanne join the team, and together we look forward to helping you and your pet achieve better wellbeing.

Light and good vibes,


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