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Bach Flower Remedies Pets Success: Max the Parrot

When Max the Parrot arrived at my clinic he looked to be in a terrible state.

His carer explained that Max has a viral disease affecting his feather growth and resulting in bald patches. Max was also experiencing falls from this due to him losing his balance when trying to fly/hop from place to place, and the poor thing was now hesitant and had a nervous fluttering.

On top of all that, Max was also compulsively over-grooming and picking at his feathers which was obviously affecting any new feather growth.

According to his carer, Max was usually a chatty, sociable and entertaining bird but unsurprisingly he no longer seemed his usual self and seemed a bit dejected.

Bach Flower Remedies are safe for pets, even parrots! 

The Bach Flower Remedies Treatment for Pet: Max the Parrot

As Max’s symptoms were rather individual to him, a personalised Bach Flower Remedy combination was needed instead of ready-made Rescue / Revival Remedy (often seen in pet supply shops).

I selected three Bach Flower Remedies for Max, namely:

Agrimony Bach Flower Remedy

  • Entertains others and hides behind a mask of cheerfulness
  • Inwardly feels worried and anxious
  • Wants to make people happy even though he is suffering
  • Desire for harmony

Crab Apple Bach Flower Remedy

  • The need to cleanse himself from contamination e.g. infection, parasites
  • A great desire for cleanliness which may manifest as over-grooming e.g. biting, gnawing, licking etc.
  • Can escalate into a compulsion or obsession

Larch Bach Flower Remedy

  • Avoids situations where they may fail
  • Hesitant and lack confidence in their own abilities
  • Holding onto past negative experiences

Successful Outcome of Pet’s Bach Flower Remedy Treatment

After a month on the Bach Flower Remedy combination and with nutritional support Max is back to his confident, chatty self, and his carer is happy to report there is new feather growth emerging. He confessed that administering the Bach Flowers had become part of Max’s morning routine and the parrot really looked forward to it.

This is why I love my job!

Leanne 🌸🦜


About Bach Flower Remedies and Pets

Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle treatment that can restore emotional and mental balance for humans and animals. As it is free from side effects it is perfectly safe for adults, children and babies as well as our pets (all creatures great and small). Read our Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies and Pets

About Leanne Wilson

Leanne Wilson is a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner specialising in animal health. She assists clients whose pets are struggling with behavioural issues including anxiety, fear, problems adjusting to new homes, obsessive compulsive behaviours and separation anxiety. Read more about Bach Flower Animal Specialist, Leanne Wilson

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