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Bringing a new pet home - how to settle them in with Bach Flower Remedies

It’s always an exciting time when there is a new arrival of the furry kind.

Bach flowers can ease the way for a new kitten, puppy or rescue animal to settle in.

The following Bach Flowers are my most often used in this situation.

Larch Bach Flower Remedy

This Bach Flower promotes confidence, whether within him/herself or to get along with other animals already in the household. It also helps the animal to be self-assured when learning new things.

Walnut Bach Flower Remedy

Walnut is the Bach Flower to use when adapting to a new situation or life change e.g. a kitten or puppy leaving her mum and litter to become settled in a new home, or a rescue animal coming from a shelter to live with you. Walnut really helps rescue animals to move forward in their new happy life.

Mimulus Bach Flower Remedy

This Bach Flower is for fears of something specific - which for a new puppy or kitten there may be a few - e.g. the vacuum cleaner, new people, thunderstorms or cars. Rescue animals may have a fear of males, or loud voices.

Star of Bethlehem Bach Flower Remedy

This Bach Flower I would prescribe for rescue animals that have experienced mistreatment or trauma in their past, whether recent or a long time ago. It is the remedy to give for an animal that is suffering from the effects of a shocking event or accident.

And lastly, from the other side of the equation...

Holly Bach Flower Remedy

Holly is the Bach Flower for an animal already in your household that becomes jealous and hostile towards the new arrival, who is threatening their relationship with THEIR human!

Wishing you all the best with your new arrival!

Leanne 🌸🦜 


About Leanne Wilson

Leanne Wilson is a Bach Flower Remedies practitioner specialising in animal health. She assists clients whose pets are struggling with behavioural issues including anxiety, fear, problems adjusting to new homes, obsessive compulsive behaviours and separation anxiety. Read more about Bach Flower Animal Specialist, Leanne Wilson


About Bach Flower Remedies and Pets

Bach Flower Remedies are a gentle treatment that can restore emotional and mental balance for humans and animals. As it is free from side effects it is perfectly safe for adults, children and babies as well as our pets (all creatures great and small). Read our Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies and Pets


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