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Q&A with Bach Flower animal specialist, Leanne Wilson

Find out what the most common health issues are with pets, and the symptoms every pet owner should be looking out for

Before practicing professionally Leanne studied homeopathy, and that's where she got her first break into animal health.  One day the owner of the practice where she worked asked Leanne to prescribe a medicine for his cat.

"Which I did," Leanne says, 'and it was very effective. So I started treating the pets of family and friends and getting great results. I went on to study animal homeopathy and anatomy and physiology to increase my knowledge, and then set up my business."

Leanne is our resident Animal Health Specialist & Bach Flower Remedies Practitioner

Leanne says she always had an affinity with animals, which is easy to see why when she tells you about her childhood!

"I grew up with animals. My mum had three guide dogs over the years, we had cats and budgies, and my family looked after a lamb and kangaroo joey when I was really young. I also had a great aunt in Geraldton WA who had a farm we'd often visit. I was really lucky because she introduced me to ponies and horses."

"I've always had an affinity with animals and have found it easy to translate my skills into treating pets." 

What a typical workday looks like for Leanne

“No day is typical! My work includes home and phone consults for pets and I also treat people at a clinic in Bondi Junction on certain days. There are follow-up phone calls to see how pet patients are doing and checking whether a change of medicine is required.

I also spend time researching different health conditions, nutritional information, and homeopathic medicines.

Change is constant, even in my field, so it's important to keep abreast of what's happening in the animal health.”

Interesting Fact: she has never treated a reptile (yet?)  

"I've treated all different types of animals, from your cats and dogs through to chickens, rats and parrots. But I haven’t treated any reptiles yet!"

What drew Leanne towards Bach Flower Remedies for pets

“I know from personal experience how effective Bach Flower Remedies have been in helping me – whether it be exam stress, overcoming anxieties, or grief. 

So it wasn't that surprising really to discover that Bach flower remedies work brilliantly for animals too! The remedies are easy to dose, and gently allow the animal to come back into balance."

Leanne says that Bach Flower Remedies are helpful for treating unwanted behaviours especially. 

"The remedies help to break patterns of unwanted behaviours, allowing the animal to gently adjust to changes in his or her environment."

The three most common issues Leanne sees in her practice

"The issues I treat most often in the pets that come see me are anxiety or behavioural problems, skin conditions, and digestive complaints.

And what if your pet currently suffers from those conditions?

Leanne says don't underestimate the power of a good diet and regular exercise for your pet.

"I’ve found that by feeding a good diet and giving the pet regular exercise - these two things alone can prevent a lot of health issues down the track. If a behavioural problem comes up, Bach flower remedies and appropriate training works well."


The tell-tale signs all pet owners need to look out for

"When an animal withdraws, or seems like his/her personality has changed - that needs to be looked at. For example they may have developed a new fear, or maybe you can notice a change in their appetite or sleep habits.

If any physical symptoms come up, like skin inflammation, vomiting, limping, or tenderness when touching a part of the animal’s body, these need to be checked out by a vet ASAP.


So there we have it, our first interview with Leanne! Isn't she great?

👉🏼 Don't forget Leanne is available for phone consultations and can also help you with custom combination remedies for your fur baby.

If you'd like to find out more about Leanne's work or have any more questions about treating pets with Bach Flower Remedies feel free to get in touch.

Light and good vibes



  • Hi Helen, Bach flowers balance emotions so the cause of the itching would need to be investigated – is it from boredom? – Wild Rose. Or a rash that cleared but she is still going through the motions of scratching – Chestnut bud. Is she scratching to seek attention from you? – Heather. Does she feel contaminated or unclean – Crab apple.
    Is she itching when anxious? – Aspen or Mimulus. If you can get to the cause of the itching, that is when the chosen Bach flower will be of great help.
    Kind regards, Leanne

    Leanne Wilson
  • Hello,
    My enquiry is, that my dog gets a frequent skin irritation where she’s continuously itching. What do you suggest please.

    Kind Regards

    Helen Tsakirios

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