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At last! Affirmation Cards to Augment your Bach Flower Remedy treatments


Hi guys, it gives me great pleasure to announce the launch of our Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards - a set of beautifully written and illustrated cards to support you with your Bach Flower Remedy treatments.

There are 38 affirmation cards in total, each one corresponding to one of the Bach Flower Remedies.

Because of the energetic nature of Bach Flower Remedies, the essences and affirmations can work hand-in-hand to create greater harmony in mind, spirit and emotions.

Use the Affirmation Cards either to complement an existing treatment course or as a diagnostic tool before starting one.

Using the Affirmation Cards with a current Bach Flower Remedy treatment

These delightful affirmation cards help to increase the efficacy and success of any Bach Flower Remedy treatment. 

For each Bach remedy in your current treatment, take the corresponding affirmation card out of the box. They have been designed to fit in your wallet, bag or hand so you can read the card every time you have a dose from your treatment bottle.

After taking your remedies, spend a moment reading your affirmation and repeating the words to yourself a number of times. Take the time to be still and let the energies go to work within you.

Using Affirmation Cards as a Bach Flower Remedy diagnostic tool

The Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards are a great diagnostic tool for when you're feeling not yourself but can't figure out why.

The affirmation cards can help identify the emotional, spiritual or mental disharmony in question and the Bach Flower Remedy to counteract this condition.

The method for diagnosis is straightforward - just view each card and read the affirmation. The affirmation card most relevant to your area of imbalance will be unmistakeable when you find it. "Yes," you will say, "that's exactly how I want to feel right now".

Using Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards with Children

The affirmation cards can help uncover areas of disharmony for children who may have trouble articulating what this is.

Let your child handle the affirmation cards for a bit, then invite them to select one from the deck. When the card has been selected ask what it was about that particular card that drew them to it. Let your child tell you what is on their mind, even if it is symbolically! The answer may very well surprise you. 

Where to Buy Bach Flower Remedies Affirmation Cards

Our affirmation cards were created by yours truly and available exclusively through


I hope that they can add to your Bach Flower Remedies wellbeing program.

Light and good vibes,


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