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Are Bach Flower Remedies Safe for Pets?

"Are Bach Flower Remedies safe to give to pets" is a common question we get asked here at Bach Flower Essences.

The answer is "yes, Bach Flower Remedies are safe for pets" because the flower essences offer a very gentle form of energetic balancing.

Bach Flower Remedies are made by extracting the essence of a flower into a water based solution. Traditionally, a minute amount of brandy is added to the solution for the purpose of preservation.

The resulting flower remedy has no scent or taste (bar a tiny hint of brandy), is not intoxicating, non-addictive and one cannot 'overdose' on it.

How to choose a Bach Flower Remedy for your pet

Our pets have many of the same emotions that humans have. They can get lonely, scared, bored and anxious (and more).

So when choosing a Bach flower remedy for your pet use our Bach Flower Remedy selector.

The great all-round Bach Flower Remedy for your pet

One particular flower remedy which I think is a great allrounder for pet owners is Bach Revival Remedy. You can use it proactively (when you are getting your fur baby ready for a visit to the vet for example), or in response to stressful situations - for example fireworks, thunderstorms etc.

My dog used to panic if a passenger exited the car while she was still inside. I found that putting a few drops on my fingers and rubbing it around her ears before stopping the car definitely helped to reduce her ear piercing shrieks and helped calm her. We are still working on it but she has improved a lot.

Want more info on Bach Flower Remedies and Pets?

Read my info page Bach Flower Remedies for Pets for dosage information, suggested remedies, and suggestions on how to administer the remedies to your pet.


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