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Set your vibe right for 2019 with our special Bach Flower Bundle

Now that summer (and the new year) is here it’s a great time to shed a layer, relax a bit more, and enjoy your ‘moment in the sun’.

Emotionally, summer makes us feel more vibrant and leisurely and brings a carefree attitude to the fore. 

However it IS easy to get carried away with all the frivolity of summer and end up ‘over doing it’ so to speak, especially here in Australia where summer coincides with Christmas, NYE and the associated party atmosphere.

 As spiritual beings, what summer really asks of us is to free ourselves yet to exercise restraint.

That’s why these three Bach Flower Essences are my picks for summer; these remedies together are intended to help you unwind, rebalance and refocus – the perfect vibrational concoction for the start of the new year.

My three suggested Bach Flower Remedies for summer are:

  1. Rock Water – to help you relax in the knowledge that, like everybody else on this planet, you are perfectly imperfect.
  2. Wild Rose – to help restore authentic enthusiasm and joy in the process of life itself.
  3. Willow – to promote self–responsibility and restore optimism in your ability to create the life you want. 

I’ve packaged these three Bach Flower Remedies in a special summertime bundle pack. And for the duration of the Australian summer it is 20% off!




Wishing you all the joy and happiness of summer and the new year,



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