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Bach flower insights from a practitioner’s perspective


Maite is an accredited BFRP by the Bach Centre in the United Kingdom and has been helping clients create real and lasting life improvements for close to a decade now. 

Read on to find out what the top 3 issues are that clients present with and how Bach flower remedies helped a marriage happen!



Like so many of us, I started my Bach flower journey with rescue remedy

I was travelling extensively with a young child and had always used rescue remedy with much success. I had worked as a psychologist so I understood the power of emotional equilibrium in staying healthy and rescue remedy (even though I didn’t understand exactly how it worked) seemed to always take the edge off any anxieties my daughter and I experienced going to new places or through the tantrums stages.

At one point I was living in Paris and heard of a course being offered to learn more about the Bach Flowers. This was a level 1 course offered by Martine Viniger, the translator and trained certifier for France in Bach Flowers. Once I discovered the benefits of the whole system,  I went on to do the subsequent courses to be certified as a Bach Flower practitioner to offer them to others.

These days I consider myself a facilitator in people finding their remedies 

Clients need to be in communication with me and talk about what it is that is preventing them having the best health possible, and I suggest remedies from these conversations.  These conversations can happen over the computer, over the phone, in my home, in clinics…I have many areas where I work from so it can be convenient for clients. 

My favourite Bach flower success story saw a marriage enabled!

This client's name was Caroline, a beautiful woman who was 30 at the time, the life of every party, very much courted, and yet found herself perpetually in the same situations of being with men who wanted to remain casual with her.

Caroline came to me wanting a remedy, more out of curiosity than anything in particular.

When I started to enquire, she told me about what was not working was this relationship with a man she loved but he didn’t want anything serious, and she was ok with that! There was nothing wrong, and she was laughing about it as she was telling me.

I prescribed Agrimony to her and she went back to England where she was living at the time. She rang me some weeks later to tell me that she had had an amazing conversation with her partner and told him what she really wanted for the first time.

He wanted the same thing and now, 10 years down the track, they are happily married with two children.

I believe nature has what is necessary to help heal so many of our ailments

I am also very interested in essential oils. Plants are my passion and I have spent a long time in nature studying them and seeing how they function. Using essential oils has sensory pleasures that I love, plus immediate physical effects as the constituents are active, while Bach Flowers are a lot more gentle and powerful on the energetic realm.

There are 3 common issues that clients seem to present with

The most common issue is definitely fear. I would say one of the remedies from the fear family comes into nearly every remedy. Fear of making the wrong decision, change, flying, not knowing what they are fearful of but experiencing fear anyway…many different versions.

The second most common I would say is exhaustion or lack of passion. Not wanting to move forward, feeling stuck, not working with aliveness.

Finally, connection with others is common. Being misunderstood, misunderstanding others, not knowing how to make themselves understood. These would be the most common issues coming up for people.
"Disease is, in essence, the result of conflict between soul and mind, and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort." Edward Bach
As Dr Bach suggested, working on several different levels is necessary. Human beings are very complex and there is a lot to discover in what it is to be human, to be us!

On the mental plane, I am a big advocate for personal development. Reading, doing courses, listening to talks, educating yourself in what it is to be human. And, from that, finding what your passion is and doing that!

I also believe strongly in looking after the physical. This is the vehicle for the mental and spiritual planes.

For me, that involves time in nature, discovering the form of exercise that is best suited to you and that you love enough to do on a regular basis, and eating organic, whole foods as much as possible with plenty of good, clean water. Naturopaths too, to be able to offer the supplements needed to balance you, rather than taking a guess at what you need.

Finally, looking after the spiritual is important.

Believing in the energy of this planet and seeing that it is more than just the physical. Calling it what you like, but knowing that it is there. And trusting it.


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