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Coping with the new normal: the Bach Flower Remedy for adaptability and protection

Coping with the new normal with Walnut Bach Flower Remedy

It’s hard to believe it has been eight months or so since COVID-19 first hit our collective consciousness.

Even in homes where fear and panic has given way to caution and thoughtfulness there is still an element of anxiety around. Our world is so different and strange, and it’s hard to accept that this is the new normal.

Times of massive change and uncertainty call for a willingness to adapt to the environment, which is why it’s so fitting that Walnut is the remedy flexibility and adaptability. Rigid trees don’t survive storms very well. 

Walnut Bach Flower Remedy helps us to be open, flexible and adaptable at times of a great shift. These changes may be the various stages of life and ageing, or bereavement, divorce, a new job or home.

Walnut can act as a link breaker to help you move forward and stop fighting against what is different. It can also provide a cloak of protection if you are one of those people who are overly sensitive or easily influenced by outside influences.

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