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Don't panic! Revival Remedy is here

Revival Remedy by Crystal Herbs is one of most popular Bach flower remedies that we sell. It’s a combination of five flower essences originally formulated by Dr Bach for use in crisis situations requiring immediate relief.

Dr Bach’s crisis formula is also known as Rescue Remedy and Five Flower Remedy under other brands. In fact, every Bach Flower Remedy producer will have their own version.



What makes Revival Remedy so popular?

I think it’s the fact that it acts so quickly! Revival Remedy swiftly stabilises emotions when there’s a lot of fear, panic or a severe upset occurring. For example panic attacks, unexpected loss, witnessing an accident etc..

Revival Remedy is also very effective at supporting us through those less traumatic yet still challenging times in life such as exams, dentist visits, public speaking etc.

Some examples of situations where Revival Remedy has been a bit of a wonder worker:

  • My mother has a morbid fear of flying so will always carry a bottle of Revival Remedy in her carry-on luggage. Without it she would be extremely anxious and suffer physically too (palpitations, shortness of breath etc.)
  • One customer who had a fear of the dentist said she put Revival Remedy in her drink bottle and sipped from it before her appointment and she managed to stay calm
  • Another customer told me Revival Remedy immediately helped her calm a distressed dog that had been hit by a car (did you know it’s good for pets too?)

How does Revival Remedy work?

Revival Remedy is NOT a substitute for medical attention which should always be summoned in a medical emergency. However Revival Remedy releases and dissolves the effects of shock, fear or trauma which in turn enables the body’s own self-healing process to take effect quicker.

What is in Revival Remedy?

The flower essences included in Revival Remedy are:

  • Cherry Plum (to restore balance, calmness and positive control of the mind)
  • Clematis (to help bring attention back to the here and now)
  • Impatiens (to help calm the sense of urgency that accompanies panic)
  • Rock Rose (transmutes the vibrations of extreme fear, panic or terror)
  • Star of Bethlehem (used to take away the numbing effect of shock and trauma)

Revival Remedy is most popularly used in traditional format from a dropper bottle (four drops when needed) but is also available as a spray or cream (the cream includes an additional two essences, Crab Apple and Pine).


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