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How to work out which Bach Flower Remedy to take

"Which Bach Flower Remedy should I use?" is a question I am often asked.

It seems like a simple question but the answer isn't as straight forward as it can appear.

When you are helping someone select the most appropriate Bach Flower Remedy for their needs, you not only need to consider the state they are looking to balance, but also the cause behind the state.

A bit like if you had a physical symptom, a good physician would seek to treat the cause as well as the symptom itself.

For example, a remedy for anxiety is often requested by customers. This would fall under the Bach group of "Fear" - a group which contains :

  • Aspen (helps those who experience anxiety for which there appears to be no logical reason)
  • Cherry Plum (for people suffering anxiety because they fear losing control of their mind or ability to cope)
  • Red Chestnut (helps those who are anxious for other people - an overly worried partner or parent for example)
  • Rock Rose (helpful for those suffering moments of extreme fear or panic)

To find the most suitable remedy for an anxiety condition you would need to consider the underlying state of the anxiety first.

Also, there may be multiple factors at play, in which case a multi-remedy treatment bottle would be a good idea.

For example, a parent may feel anxious about their child's safety because of something that happened to them when they themselves were a child. In this case they might benefit from

  • Red Chestnut (see above)
  • Mimulus (helps build courage for the everyday things)
  • Vervain (restores balance when feeling you are responsible to take are of everything and everyone around you)
  • Willow (promotes self forgiveness, responsibility and optimism in one's abilities).

DISCLAIMER: Bach Flower Remedies may be used as a complementary treatment but are not to replace medical treatment or advice from your doctor or health professional.  If you suffer from anxiety please consult a doctor.

I hope this information helps you confidently select the best Bach Flower Remedies for your needs right now. If you need more help, use our Bach Flower Remedy selector tool (click here), contact a qualified Bach Flower Remedy therapist or message me!

Light and good vibes



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