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Practitioner Insights: Bach flowers, meditation and food as medicine


Here Stefano talks about his approach to wellbeing and how his personal experiences with Bach Flower Remedies has helped shape that approach today.

As told to Kate Barton for BachFlowerEssences.com.au





I’ve been always fascinated by nature.

Since childhood my connection with trees, plants and flowers have constantly been a source of joy and contentment to me. So it’s no surprise that I’m working with Bach flower remedies now.


Cerato Flower

As soon as I finished college, I found myself struggling with anxiety and lack of purpose in life.

I started looking for natural ways to handle and transform my worries. I was in my early 20s and tried different things like meditation and yoga, then I came across Dr. Bach’s publications, Heal Thyself and Free Thyself.

Dr Bach's writings profoundly resonated with me. I found them so incredibly insightful about human beings’ emotional and mental outlook. It wasn't long before I decided to try the remedies myself.

I was amazed to see quick results with issues I had been struggling with for quite some time: my anxiety as a young adult coupled with a blurred sense of purpose in life gradually gave way to courage to go for my dreams and a renewed confidence in my inner potential.

I also tested the remedies with my family and friends and after having seen so many changes in people’s lives I decided to take Dr. Bach system more seriously by becoming a registered practitioner.


A typical workday for me starts with meditation.

I start my day with meditation to be at my best before meeting my clients at my place in Darlinghurst, Sydney, for one-to-one consultations.

As I am also a trained chef, I have a company that offers bespoke juice cleanses through which I meet clients and discuss cleansing protocols combined with Bach Flower therapy.

After my daily consultations, I work in the kitchen where I have so much fun preparing cold-press juices, elixirs and tonics as well supporting clients with tips and instructions during their cleansing protocols.

I love all aspects of my work, whether I have a Bach flower therapy session or juicing with my music in the kitchen, and then connecting with new people every day, I find this very creative and always stimulating.


My mother is my favourite Bach flower success story. 

My mother went through a very tough period during her menopause, which impacted our family life.

I was a student at that time and she started suffering from insomnia and depression, making our days together not happy ones at all.

When the doctor suggested putting her on hormone treatment and antidepressants I stepped in and we both agreed to first use the Bach remedies.

During this tricky period, we were not simply dealing with mere physical symptoms but it became an opportunity to further discuss the emotional and mental distress she was going through at that time.

Her desire to feel better by using Bach remedies did pay off successfully and not only did she manage to overcome insomnia and depression but also decided to experience Buddhist mediation on a regular basis and she has been doing this ever since.


I am also very passionate about food as medicine. 

I am very happy to have found a creative and effective way to express that passion through my bespoke juice cleansing protocols.

In addition to this, my husband is a EFT (tapping) practitioner and I have been personally experiencing the amazing benefits of this emotional freedom technique, which is basically a “no needles” version of acupuncture that can effectively give you relief from emotional and physical issues.

I deeply believe that our true state of being is “pure energy’ through which our life rejoices with constant expansion, vigour and creativity.

As we tend to interfere and undermine this state of pure energy with poor diet (highly processed, over cooked food), negative thinking and unhappy relationships with ourselves and others, this all has a dramatic impact in slowing down our wondrous capacity for radiating health and vitality.  

Therefore, detoxification combined with Bach flower remedies and other energy healing practices such as EFT for releasing stress, emotions and undesirable thought-patterns (psycho-toxins) can powerfully realign our optimal physical/emotional and mental functioning as well as contribute to a joyous expansion of our consciousness.

Perhaps because I live in the city, I tend to have clients mainly coming from the corporate world, artists and high achieving people who are usually going through burn-out, mid-life crisis and addictions.

The common ground that links all these apparent unrelated issues is always a lack of understanding of a deeper meaning to our lives as spiritual beings enjoying a human experience and an awakening to the infinite inner potential that we all have.

Through Bach flower remedies in particular, they experience an increase in awareness and a deep sense of connection with their inner self.

Finding a moment of quietness through the day is so important for everyone.

As I disciplined myself to continue experiencing well-being and vibrant energy on a daily basis, I always recommend finding a moment of quietness during the day through which we can stop all the turmoil of daily chores and commitments and simply enjoy some time with ourselves and feel comfortable to connect intimately. 

Meditation is usually an extension of this and it is certainly is an effective way to quiet the mind and access a deeper sense of our lives. The more awareness, care and love we bring to ourselves the more our life responds and unfolds radiantly.

Interested in trying Bach flower therapy for yourself?

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