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“I’ve started taking Bach Flower Remedies and things seem to be getting worse. What should I do?”

So what should you do if your Bach Flower Remedy treatment seems to be making you feel worse off?

This is such an interesting question because it gives insight into a surprising aspect of how Bach Flower Remedies can work:

by working to balance an emotional condition, the remedies get to the nitty-gritty of the cause which can stir up hidden feelings or thoughts. These feelings/thoughts need to be healed in order for balance to return.

Sometimes what we think is the cause of an issue is really just a symptom. That’s why when we start a Bach Flower Remedy treatment we can become surprised by how we feel.

Take for example a customer taking Holly Bach Flower Remedy to open the heart to feeling Divine love.

Surprisingly, not long after starting her treatment this customer developed feelings of sadness and began comfort eating. 

In this case the customer was being asked by her higher self to accept and love herself first, a process which she described as uncomfortable, as it is for many of us.

What to do if you do start to feel more unsettled once starting your Bach Flower Remedy treatment:

1. Continue taking the treatment, in which case things will improve and balance out in due course; OR

2. Try and identify what the new feeling is you are experiencing, identify the Bach Flower Remedy that balances this new feeling and add the new remedy to your Bach Flower Remedy treatment; OR

3. Swap the new remedy for the previous one if you feel balancing the new issue should have priority 

Obviously if you feel you are suffering from a mental health issue you must seek medical help as soon as possible, but Bach Flower Remedies are a positive energetic treatment and are free from side effects so can be taken safely by anyone.

Please note Bach Flower Remedies are not to replace prescribed medicine or advice given by your medical health practitioner.

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