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Wild Rose: Bach Flower Remedy of the month

Being in quarantine or self-isolating (even with loved ones) is tough, even if you're an introvert like me.

Studies show that the negative effects of extended periods of isolation range from your standard ‘cabin fever’ (boredom, frustration, irritability) right through to acute states of anxiety and depression. 

For my own family and friends I have been recommending Wild Rose Bach Flower Remedy to help them combat what I call the ‘blah’ state.

This is specifically for the boredom, lethargy and listlessness brought about from being cooped up in the house for too long.

Wild Rose can help to bring back the enthusiasm to find joy in life – no matter what the circumstances are.

It may not change your circumstances, but Wild Rose can certainly ignite the desire for joy in you - enough to make you feel motivated enough to get out there and go get it. 


Like to try Wild Rose for yourself?

Just add the 25ml Wild Rose to your cart and apply code WR25OFF to receive 25% off the the item. Offer ends 31st July 2020.


Finding it hard to cope mentally with self-isolation?

Beyond Blue published some helpful tips for looking after your mental health during this difficult time.

Best wishes for your continued health and wellbeing,


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