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Bach Flower Therapy - Theory and Practice, by Mechthild Scheffer

Bach Flower Therapy - Theory and Practice, by Mechthild Scheffer

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This is a comprehensive review of Dr Bach's flower remedy system which looks at the spiritual and psychological applications of the remedies.

Written by Mechthild Scheffer, a lay practitioner and representative of the Bach Centre in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bach Flower Therapy - Theory & Practice is an excellent guide for practitioners and users of Bach Flower Remedies, as well as those with merely an interest in Dr Bach's work.

Within its pages you will not only find a useful list of symptoms to facilitate diagnosis but also an explanation of the underlying psychological and spiritual concept behind the remedies.


  • The Bach Flower Remedies - a Holistic Approach to Treatment
  • How Do the Remedies Work - a Possible Interpretation
  • Finding the Right Remedy
  • The 38 Bach Flowers
  • The Remedies in Practice
  • Experiences in Treatment
  • Questions and Answers