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Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Remedy
Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Remedy

Cherry Plum - Bach Flower Remedy

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CHERRY PLUM (Prunus Cerasifera)

Bach Group: Fear

Energy Focus: Rationality & calmness

Cherry Plum restores the qualities of balance, calmness and positive control of the mind.

The negative Cherry Plum state can be a very extreme and uncomfortable one in which the personality experiences powerful and irrational fears.

Those in need of this remedy often feel that they are losing control of their mind, going insane, or perhaps having a breakdown. They can be snappy, on edge, want to scream or fear that they could be uncharacteristically violent, either to themselves or others. In a very extreme state they may have wide staring eyes and be unable to stop themselves from saying or doing things that are completely out of their normal character.

Many women experience variations of these irrational feelings related to their monthly cycle.

In all these situations Cherry Plum brings calmness, rationality and peace.

Bach Flower Remedies by Crystal Herbs

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