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Gentian - Bach Flower Remedy

Gentian - Bach Flower Remedy

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GENTIAN (Gentiana Amarella)

Bach Group: Uncertainty

Energy Focus: Faith 

Gentian is the remedy for those who need help to restore the soul qualities of trust and faith at a personality level.

Those who need this remedy are uncertain about their relationship with their Creator and find it difficult to see themselves as part of a greater whole in which all is ordered according to a higher plan.

They are easily discouraged by even small setbacks in life and can appear pessimistic and cynical because they find it very difficult to see a positive resolution to any problem.

The phrase ‘doubting Thomas’ sums up the negative Gentian state very well.

Bach Flower Remedies by Crystal Herbs

We are committed to providing you the best quality remedy possible and only stock Bach Flower Remedies by the renowned Crystal Herbs company from the UK.

Each Bach flower essence is:

  • Handmade with love and care according to the original instructions of Dr Bach;
  • Preserved in organic brandy;
  • Supplied at Stock Level and ready to use;
  • Carefully stored away from heat, sunlight and electrical devices;
  • Packaged and sealed in tamper-evident glass bottles.

How to Use Bach Flower Remedies