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Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Bach Flower Remedies can assist animals suffering from behavioural issues such as anxiety, obsessive compulsive behaviours, anti-social behaviours and other problems. 

BachFlowerEssences.com.au offer Bach Flower therapy and products for animals so your beloved pet can feel great again.

The remedies are a natural treatment used for restoring mental and emotional balance and they are free from side effects, making them safe for use on pets as well as their owners (!).


Read this testimonial from a pet owner

"I recently purchased Vine, Holly and Gorse for a Ragdoll cat that was experiencing depression then aggression when we bought a 5 month old kitten home.

My cat's personality totally changed from being depressed/aloof but still quite placid to growling at us, hissing, biting, peeing in the house and beating up the kitten etc and the behaviour was getting worse (kind of like the cat in Pet Sematary!)

Cue Bach Flower essences! within in 3 days of putting a mix of Vine, Gorse and Holly in my cat's food and water, she stopped all the bad behaviour and she actually seems happier!

My cat is sleeping near the kitten, playing with her and even grooming her! I chose these particular essences for depression, socialization and aggression/dominating behaviour after reading a book about cats and Bach flower therapy and I am so glad/relieved that it worked!!!" - Belinda, VIC, Sept 2019