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How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

Our Bach Flower Remedies are handmade by the renowned Crystal Herbs company in the UK following the original instructions of Dr Edward Bach.

Usage Guide for Bach Flower Remedies

All Bach flower essences are supplied at Stock Level so they can be diluted into a treatment bottle (as suggested by Dr Bach) or used directly from from the stock if preferred.

You can combine up to eight different essences in the single treatment bottle.

How to Make a Combination Mix of Bach Flower Remedies


It's easy to make your own Bach Flower Remedy combination. Just put 2 drops of each Remedy you require (unless using Bach Revival Remedy - in which case use 4 drops) into a glass dropper bottle. Add up to 30ml of spring water plus a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar or brandy to act as a preservative.

Alternatively, put 4 drops of remedy (8 drops of Revival Remedy) into a glass of spring water.


Dosage Instructions for Bach Flower Remedies


For chronic states:
Take 4 drops of remedy on the tongue eight times a day

For acute states:
Take 4 drops of remedy every 30-60 minutes


Take 2 drops on the tongue eight times a day for chronic states, or 2 drops every 30-60 minutes for acute states. Try to keep a ten minute gap between treatment times and ingesting of other food and drink.

TIP: Say a healing affirmation each time a dose is taken 

Another positive step is to say a healing affirmation each time a dose is taken. This can help to reprogram the mind and affirms your intent.

Try: “I feel peace and joy, more and more" or "My body is full of healing light and energy." And ALWAYS affirm in the present tense! 

How long do Bach Flower Remedies take to work?

We recommend you take your Bach Flower Remedy for two to four weeks before reviewing how you feel. 

You may find that you need to swap out some essences for alternatives or feel that a longer period of treatment is required.

Generally, over a six month period of usage you will find subtle but noticeable shifts in how you respond to new situations and even old memories that may have been upsetting for you in the past.