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Quick Guide to Bach Flower Remedies for Pets

Bach Flower Remedies are a natural remedy used for restoring emotional balance. They are a gentle form of what is known as energetic healing and can safely used by anyone, even pets!

Adults, children, pets and plants can all benefit from Bach Flower Remedies without fear of side effects, overdose or addiction.

*Please note the remedies are preserved in a minute amount of organic brandy so anyone with issues around the use of alcohol need to take this into account.


Can Bach Flower Remedies be used on pets?

Bach Flower Remedies for horsesBach Flower Remedies are made by extracting the essence of the flower. The flower essence has no scent or taste which makes it relatively easy to give to your pet. 

Bach Flower Remedies work to restore balance on an emotional level. In the same way as they work for humans, pets can receive the same benefits from Bach Flower Remedies.  

Situations where Bach Flower Remedies can help your pet include:

  • adapting to new situations
  • separation anxiety
  • vet visits
  • to assist with training and focus
  • obsessive and repetitive behaviours
  • fear of the unknown
  • fear of people, other pets
  • loud and stressful situations such as fireworks, thunder 

Please note with issues around acute or long term behavioural issues your pet will most probably benefit more from an integrative approach – one that combines behavioural management training, appropriate food and exercise as well as a Bach Flower Remedy treatment.

Bach Flower Remedies are not to replace medical or veterinarian treatment or advice from a professional behavioural specialist.

How to give Bach Flower Remedies to your pet

The same dosage advice applies to pets as for humans – ie. 2 drops (if using a single essence remedy) eight times a day, or 4 drops eight times a day if using Revival Remedy.

Bach Flower Remedies for dogsTo administer, either place drops directly into your pets water bowl or have your pet lick the remedy off your hands. It is not recommended to administer into food as this may decrease the efficacy.

A good solution for cats and dogs is Revival Remedy in a spray bottle – it is very convenient, especially for travel, and makes administering a dose super easy. See next section.

For small animals such as birds, you must dilute the Bach Flower Remedy with water – this is due to the small amount of alcohol present in the remedy.


Which Bach Flower Remedy should you use for pets?

Use our Bach Flower Remedy selector to find the issue that most ties in with your pet’s situation (for example, for Loneliness the recommendations are Heather, Impatiens or Water Violet).

A good all round Bach Flower Remedy for pets is Revival Remedy. This can be used proactively (to help your pet cope with upcoming situations or current behavioural issues) or instantaneously to calm your pet in times of stress.

You might like to try Revival Remedy in spray form. Take it in your bag and spray it on your pet if needed (it won’t upset them as it non scented). 

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