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Quick List of Bach Flower Remedies

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Agrimony - Smiles hide inner worry
Aspen - Apprehension, unknown fears
Beech - Over critical, intolerant
Centaury - Weak willed, subservient
Cerato - Lack of faith in ones own judgement
Cherry Plum - Fear of losing control, suicidal
Chestnut Bud - Inability to learn ones lessons
Chicory - Possessive, controlling
Clematis - Dreamy, absent minded
Crab Apple - Cleansing - physically & mentally
Elm - Overwhelmed by responsibility
Gentian - Despondency, disappointment, lack of faith
Gorse - Hopelessness, despair
Heather - Overtalkative
Holly - Anger, Jealousy, Suspicion
Honeysuckle - Living in the past, homesickness
Hornbeam - Mental tiredness, procrastination
Impatiens - Impatience, irritability
Larch - Lack of confidence
Mimulus - Known fears, nervousness
Mustard - Gloom, depression for no apparent reason
Oak - The strengthener
Olive - Physical & metal tiredness, exhaustion
Pine - Feelings of guilt, unworthiness
Red Chestnut - Fear for others
Rock Rose - Extreme fear, nightmares
Rock Water - Self punishment, rigidity
Scleranthus - Indecision, inability to choose, balance
Star of Bethlehem - Shock, Trauma, Accidents
Sweet Chestnut- Extreme anguish, despair
Vervain - Over enthusiasm, perfectionism
Vine - Dominating, need for control over others
Walnut - Change, need for adaptability, protection
Water Violet - Proud, upright people, superiority
White Chestnut - Thoughts buzzing around in head
Wild Oat - Inability to see ones direction
Wild Rose - Apathy, lack of enthusiasm
Willow - Resentment, bitterness
Revival Remedy - Combination for Emergency Situations