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At Bach Flower Essences, the only thing that pleases us more than a happy customer is one experiencing better wellbeing!

Read what some Bach Flower Essences customers have said since visiting our store.

"I just wanted to let you know how much my last custom remedy helped me. I was in a place of real struggle and I truly feel that the flower remedy helped me get through it. It was my first personal experience with Bach remedies after using a store bought Rescue Remedy on my dog and seeing the positive effect it has had on her. It's a difficult experience to explain but I'm so grateful for what you do. Thank you."
Lee Ann, WA, Feb 2020

"I would like to thank you for your efforts to getting my last order of Bach Flower remedies to me before I went back to work. I started taking the essences as directed from last weekend and I have felt a profound “shift” in how I respond to events. I’m much calmer, grounded and resolved to deal with challenges both personally and professionally. I have ordered another set of remedies to augment my treatments which are both gentle in their administration but profoundly effective in impact. I am most grateful to you."
Mary, New South Wales

"This essence and 3 others that I bought have been helping me a lot to feel much better emotionally and with my self. Totally recommended. Products were nicely packed and customer service responded quickly when needed. Thanks Bach Flower Essences, I think your products have excellent quality."


"Good Morning Kate, sincerely I am very happy with the quality of your products, I used Bach flowers long time ago in Argentina, my native country. You send my order in time, well packed in perfect condition. Definitely I will order more flowers in the future because they working for me and you offered me an excellent product at competitive price."
- Maria O

"Excellent quality, excellent service, excellent price. Highly recommended."
- Nerida, ACT

"Received the drops today. Thank you very much for such fast postage and great service :)"
- Vanessa A 

"I recently purchased Vine, Holly and Gorse for a Ragdoll cat that was experiencing depression then aggression when we bought a 5 month old kitten home. My cat's personality totally changed from being depressed/aloof but still quite placid to growling at us, hissing, biting, peeing in the house and beating up the kitten etc and the behaviour was getting worse (kind of like the cat in Pet Sematary!) Cue Bach Flower essences! within in 3 days of putting a mix of Vine, Gorse and Holly in my cat's food and water, she stopped all the bad behaviour and she actually seems happier! My cat is sleeping near the kitten, playing with her and even grooming her! I chose these particular essences for depression, socialisation and aggression/dominating behaviour after reading a book about cats and Bach flower therapy and I am so glad/relieved that it worked!!!
Belinda B

“Well it worked. I added drops to my drink bottle and sipped away.  Managed to stay calm despite surgeon running an hour behind schedule"
– Robyn, Victoria

"I had to reply to this to let you know your customer service was exceptional. Best customer service I've received by far for a while now. Your company went above and beyond and that really is the way to get repeat business. Would recommend highly" - Wendy G. 


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