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Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, by Mechtild Scheffer

Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy, by Mechtild Scheffer

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The most comprehensive reference on Bach flower therapy in print

For student, practitioner or patient alike, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy is the most comprehensive reference available for the remedies.

In this book Scheffer draws on and integrates her extensive experience and research to present the most complete profiles available for all the Bach Flowers. 

Contains 450 newly developed Bach Flower Remedy combination recommendations to assist in creating individualised Bach Flower mixtures.

In addition, The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy contains:

  • Suggestions and advice on how to conduct a Bach Flower diagnostic interview
  • A double questionnaire and final choice checklist to assist in diagnosis and treatment
  • Extensive dosage and treatment guidelines
  • Comprehensive information on the specific treatment needs of children, adolescents, women, the elderly and terminally ill, animals
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • Colour plates of each Bach Flower and Kirlian photographs of each Bach Flower's energy signature

About The Author: Mechthild Scheffer is a lay practitioner and representative of the Bach Centre in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the bestselling author of Bach Flower Therapy



ISBN: 9780892819416

Publish Date: JUNE 2001