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Holly - Bach Flower Remedy
Holly - Bach Flower Remedy

Holly - Bach Flower Remedy

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HOLLY (Ilex Aquifolium)

Bach Group: Oversensitivity

Energy Focus: Unconditional Love

Dr Bach says of Holly that it; ‘opens the heart and unites us with Divine Love’.

Unconditional, Divine Love is the highest form of love and one that is present within the heart of every human being. However when this love is not recognised and nurtured the heart gradually closes down and defence patterns of the personality such as anger, revenge, jealousy & hatred take root. Those in this state can also appear to be suspicious, distrustful or supersensitive to real or imagined slights.

The powerful energy of the Holly remedy floods the heart with the vibrations of Divine, unconditional love helping to transmute and transform these negative states.

Bach Flower Remedies by Crystal Herbs

We are committed to providing you the best quality remedy possible and only stock Bach Flower Remedies by the renowned Crystal Herbs company from the UK.

Each Bach flower essence is:

  • Handmade with love and care according to the original instructions of Dr Bach;
  • Preserved in organic brandy;
  • Supplied at Stock Level and ready to use;
  • Carefully stored away from heat, sunlight and electrical devices;
  • Packaged and sealed in tamper-evident glass bottles.

How to Use Bach Flower Remedies