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Personal 1-on-1 Bach Flower Consultation
Personal 1-on-1 Bach Flower Consultation
Personal 1-on-1 Bach Flower Consultation

Personal 1-on-1 Bach Flower Consultation

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Our personal Bach Flower Remedies consultation is designed to help bring clarity and balance to areas of discord you may be experiencing.

Our accredited and highly experienced Bach Flower Remedy Practitioners will help you uncover what these issues are and suggest for you the remedies to bring harmony back.

Consultations conveniently occur over the phone or by Skype, and clients receive a 10% discount to apply towards future Bach Flower Remedies product purchases.

Please note 1 hour consultations with Stefano include a Bach Flower Remedy combination in the price of the consultation.

Meet our Bach Flower Remedies Practitioners

Maïté Kervella (BFRP), accredited by the Bach Centre, United Kingdom

For close to a decade now Maïté has helped clients create real and lasting life improvements through Bach Flower Remedies. She believes these results are due to nothing more than being returned to a positive state using Dr Bach's method.

Maïté's Bach flower consultations have assisted people in areas such as finding courage to make necessary changes, overcoming procrastination, asking for what they want (which created a marriage!), allowing a dentist to do some much needed work, finding new work, connecting with people and many other results. 

Maïté is also a qualified aromatherapist and may offer to incorporate aromatherapy into your treatment plan.


Stefano Mercanti, PhD, (BFRP), accredited by the Bach Centre, United Kingdom

Stefano studied with Dr. Scilla di Massa, one of Italy’s pioneers in Bach flower therapy, and then completed his training as a Registered Practitioner (BFRP) with the Bach Centre in Oxfordshire (UK).

He travelled extensively around the world as an academic specialising in World Literatures and lived in both Europe and India before moving to Sydney in 2015.

Stefano is also the founder of Purenergy bespoke cleanses, which offers personal remedy mixes and cleansing protocols to suit each person’s uniqueness and wellbeing.


Terms and Conditions of Bookings

  • If you are unable to make your scheduled booking you may reschedule if you provide atleast 24 hours notice beforehand.

  • Booking slots for consultations are strictly limited therefore refunds for missed appointments or cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled booking time may not be provided.

  • Bach Flower Remedies can be safely used in conjunction with medical treatment provided by health professionals but are NOT to replace any medication, treatment or advice provided.

  • Guarantees as to the outcome of a Bach Flower Remedy treatment plan are in no way made or inferred.

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